Menu Selection

We thank you for considering the Rent One Park and Rex Encore Hospitality. The enclosed menus represent a sampling of our menu selection. We take pride in our ability to customize a menu for your special event and to provide you with exceptional service during every aspect of your event.


Our event coordinator must be notified of the exact number of attendees at least 72 hours (three business days) prior to all functions. The minimum number of guests will be considered a guarantee for which you will be charged, even if fewer guests attend. If no guarantee is received by the event coordinator, the number of guests estimated on your catering contract will be used as the guarantee. The kitchen prepares 5% over for guarantees of 35 or more.


Beverage service options include open bar plan, or a cash bar for your guests to purchase their own beverages. All alcoholic beverages served on the Rent One Park premises must be dispensed by Rex Encore Hospitality bartenders and servers. Alcoholic beverage service may be refused to any person who is not able to verify legal age with proper photo identification. Rex Encore Hospitality reserves the right to refuse service to individuals who appear to be intoxicated. Alcohol consumption ends at 12:00am Monday through Saturday, and 9:00pm on Sunday. Alcoholic beverages may not be removed from the premises.  No outside beverages of any kind allowed. A $5 penalty charge per can or bottle will be charged for any violation of this regulation.

Tax Exemption Certificate

It is necessary to have a copy of your current tax exemption certificate on file in our catering department to handle your account on a tax exemption basis. If we do not have your certificate on file, we must charge sales tax on all transactions.


Our catering department will provide white linens for food and beverage tables. Specialty linens are available upon request for an additional fee.

Administrative Charge, Set-Up Fees, Taxes

You will be assessed an administrative charge and current sales taxes as specified on the contract. Additional fees may be assessed to cover set-up labor, bartenders, food station attendants, cashiers and other service staff in excess of our customary service standards.

Billing and Deposits

Room deposit is required in advance to confirm reservation.
The amount covering 50% of the guaranteed number of guests must be paid in advance (see Guarantee). The remaining balance is due on the day of your event. Alternative billing arrangements may be made in advance with our event coordinator.

Audio / Visual and Electrical

A variety of audio/visual equipment and services are avail-
able on a rental basis. Additional charges may be assessed for labor, set-ups or electrical usage. To serve you properly, audio/visual equipment and electrical needs must be specified to our Event Coordination Department at least one week prior to your function.

Room and Seating Assignments

Rent One Park supplies meeting/banquet rooms for a rental fee of $250 for during the week and $500 on the weekend. The complimentary items supplied include: tables and chairs, one podium or lectern with a microphone and a head table with stock color skirt.
 Rent One Park reserves the right to arrange the space accordingly. Our standard banquet arrangement includes round tables for 8-10 guests per table.

Shipping and Receiving

Packages for meetings will be accepted no more than three business days prior to your event due to limited storage space. Packages should be addressed to your on-site meeting contact with attention to the Event Coordinator assigned to your function. Packages should clearly list the date and name of the event and the total number of boxes shipped. All charges are the shippers’ responsibility. Rent One Park is not responsible for shipping and receiving packages COD or any lost or missing packages.

Insurance and Liability

Rent One Park and Rex Encore Hospitality reserve the right to inspect and monitor all public and private functions. Rent One Park cannot be held responsible for any personal property or equipment brought on the premises. If deemed necessary by Rex Encore, Licensee may be required in the Order to submit a certificate of insurance with respect to the Event, specifically naming Rex Encore and/or its licensors, parents, subsidiaries or affiliates as additional insureds.